Portrait Photography At Home

This image of Tillie was simply taken in a doorway at her home.

We don't need a studio or an exotic location to get a good portrait image. I recently had the pleasure of photographing Tillie and rather that search for a location or book studio time we used her own house to get a selection of striking images.

These two portraits were taken within a few feet of each other using the environment that was available to us. A single light was used to compliment the natural light that was streaming in through the windows.

Shooting at home has a number of benefits for person in front of the camera; they are in their own surroundings and this can often be far more comfortable. While I love the control of the studio, I also enjoy the opportunity to get out into world and photograph people in the places that they work and live.

A set of patio doors was all that was needed to get this striking portrait.