Wedding Cake Toppers

Photographing weddings can provide a small insight into trends and fashions that are currently being embraced by couples on their big day. Every wedding has a cake, and this gives the couple a chance to express their character a little on the top of the cake. The way some couples top off their cake often creates a smile amongst all of the guests. The little characters on top of the cake now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this post I wanted to start a gallery of toppers showing the topper next to the couple so you can see for yourselves how good some of these little mementos can be. At the end, I'm just going to highlight one or two other offerings that can be found on the internet if you're looking for something a little unusual.

For my own wedding, our cake was made by Julie's nephew and her sister's family were left to their own imagination and ingenuity. They didn't fail us and came up with two figures made from their Lego box. It became very clear to Julie why the family had been so interested to as much about the wedding dress as they possibly could. The first pair of images take by Martin Hillary Photography show off our cake toppers while the following pairs where taken from weddings that I have had the pleasure of photographing.

If you need inspiration for your cake and perhaps something a little different then you don't need to just look locally. In this day of the internet the thing you're looking for might just be a click away. I should just quickly point out that I'm not affiliated with these sites in any way and I also haven't gained permission to reproduce these images below but hopefully they'll just appreciate the links! Here are just a couple I found but if you find any funky toppers let me know and I can include them for the benefit of everyone.

For the gamers the US site Etsy have a range of classic Nintendo characters, gloriously pixelated to recreate that 8 bit retro gaming feel. If Mario and Peach aren't quite your thing then you could opt for Link and Zelda instead.

If Sci-Fi is more your thing then checkout the UK site Cake Toppers. They have Han and Leia made of Polymer Clay to finish off your tiered creation. Zelda makes an appearance here again but then again so does Pinky and the Brain. Definitely a site to check out.

Everybody is catered for and sites such as Totally Toppers are advertising a range of custom designs including a range of same sex toppers. They also offer a range based on employment and another specifically for pet lovers.

If you're getting married in October with a Halloween themed wedding, it's even possible to get themed wedding cake toppers for that too. UK White Wedding have an offering of Halloween themed toppers. It really does seem as though there is a topper for every occasion.

Finally, one last place worth a look is the Daily Mail. They have published an online article entitled "Are these the most inappropriate wedding cake toppers?"