A Headshot for a Star of Tomorrow

Recently I had an opportunity to take a series of headshots for a young and local talent Will Matthius. As a result if the BBC moving much of its production “up North” the agencies seem to be scouting for new talent and Will wanted some agency shots for his new profile at Kids Casting Call Pro. The main challenge with this type of shot is to convey your subject’s character in a simple image with no props or cool locations; just a simple white background. Fortunately for me, Will is quite a character which meant I could deliver a selection of great images for him and his parents to use.

The shots here are the black and white shots used for the agency. These needed to be straight images without any elaborate processing or manipulation. A three light arrangement for the shot was set up in Will's living room with a backdrop made from a large diffuser. With the help of a Lastolite Beauty Box I was able to get great lighting that gave Will a real three dimensional look. In a future technical post I’ll share more of my experience with this lighting tool. All that was left was to try and get some of Will’s own character to shine through.

The results from this shoot speak for themselves. While the black and white images were required for the shot, I was so pleased with the results I couldn’t help but create some colour and slightly more stylised versions which you can see below. The result is a combination of the way the shots were lit and the way I processed them. The talent however is looking back at you now. Will is available for booking through the agency Kids Casting Call Pro where you will also see these images being put to good use in his profile