Ready for Holmfirth Artweek

Well I finally did it, after a couple of years of visiting Holmfirth's Art Week exhibitions and saying to myself I should try and exhibit something; I finally did. The exhibition is staged in Holmfirth's Civic Hall and features work from over 400 artists. This is primarily a fundraising event with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. The general public (that's me!) could apply to submit two pieces so that's what I did and I was picked out of their selection lottery.

Recently my work has focussed more heavily on the production of portrait and wedding images so I looked through my portfolio to find a two images that I'd have up on my own wall. This way, if they don't sell I can still find them a good home. While part of me thought I should use local scenes, I'm not an avid landscape photographer and my portfolio of local images is a bit limited. Instead I'm going for iconic images of France and the Eiffel Tower which will hopefully resonate which a wide audience.  They are however quite different views of the Tower, one is bold colourful and dynamic which sweeping lines leading you up to an overcast sky soaked in the orange light of the tower while the other is a subtle view of a parisian street with just a section of the Tower visible in the background. The tower is so Iconic that there really isn't any need to display it in its entirety.

The next decision was the media to print them onto. I wanted something more modern than traditional canvas or a framed print and the choice came down to metal or perspex. The perspex option seemed a little expensive for the market so a metal print it was and the results are something quite special. The printing lab that I normally use supply were able to supply these prints to me as part of their "Alumini" range and they have an ultra modern look to them. Images printed onto metal have vibrant colours and brilliant luminescence. The resulting product is Ultra hard, scuff resistant and waterproof too.

So if you're out and about at the Art Week which starts on the 1st July, keep a look out for them and let me know what you think. Along with this little venture I am also setting up an print ordering service for all my clients and this will include an art work section available to anybody. This service is being supplied by Smugmug and orders placed on this system will go straight to Loxely Colour for printing and direct delivery. This should provide a convenient solution to all customers of Cool Grey Photography allowing them to select images in a variety of sizes and formats. The site is in the early stages at the moment but check it out at the Cool Grey Photography Shop.

An "Alumini" Print.