A Moment in Time

One of my fascinations with photography is the way that a fleeting moment can be captured after which it becomes permanent and has new potential to be seen again and remembered. This is a picture taken of my daughter as she was born and presented to Julie (my wife) and I for the first time by the staff of Halifax Hospital. Some consider it a little raw but I will never have an opportunity to capture  portrait of my daughter like this again. While this moment in time has gone, we'll always look back on this picture and marvel at the experience of that day.

Article featured in the Huddersfield Examiner

I didn't really appreciate how taking a camera into the birth room is accepted behaviour and although I was a little hesitant beforehand I'm glad that my wife encouraged me to do so and I would now also encourage anybody else to do the same. If you're tempted to take pictures of anything other than your own baby I would recommend asking first as I did in this instance. I have since used this image in my local club competition and as an unusual entry it did very well and made it into a feature in the Huddersfield Examiner. Given that it was taken on a small Sony compact camera it also demonstrates the value an impact of a well captured moment and emotion is more endearing than technical perfection.