A Bundle of Babies

Yes, "Bundle" is the collective noun for babies (I looked it up on the internet so it must be true) and a bundle it certainly was when we joined a reunion for our NCT anti-natal class. It was a good opportunity to meet up with other new parents and share experiences. Of course, with so many little photo opportunities it was a chance not to be missed. I set up a backdrop and some lighting in the conservatory to get some impromptu family portraits. This felt especially valuable because with such young children not all the parents had much opportunity to get pictures together.

While it was a little tight on space, using small flash and a free standing backdrop meant there were no power cables while radio triggers meant no synch cords either - which is helpful when there are lots of people around. The results from this shoot were well received and I've included one of the images below which I couldn't help myself from processing a little more than usual to create an image with some exaggerated character. Good for exaggerating the wrinkles in crying babies but I perhaps wouldn't process this way if mom was in the shot too. I don't think that all baby shots should feature happy smiling babies, after all they're not alway smiling and what I love to get out of these images is a bit more character when I can. This worked well with this image of Paul and his son Felix although I kept the other images from the day far more "straight".

What do you mean you can't see dad's face in this portrait - who's looking at dad anyway!