Don't forget to photograph the ones you love

Recently, a good friend of ours was taken by cancer at a young age which was completely unfair. She had only recently attended our wedding and had stood in front of the assembled family and friends to speak during the ceremony. From this wedding, she featured on a number of photos and one of those pictures was used at her funeral which brought home to me a very sharp realisation.

I'm regularly out with a camera, in fact I think most of us now carry some form of camera all the time. How often do we think of using it? When was the last time you took a picture of your wife, husband, lover or friend? What pictures do you have to remember people with?

I also think this is more evident as you become more serious about your photography. We remember and mark the places that we visit with images of impressive buildings and the search for the perfect sunset. Often the things that make those places special are the ones that share the moments with us.

So every now and again, don't forget to grab a picture of the people you share your life with. These are the images that you'll value the most in years to come.