New Ideas for the Wedding Album

So in my previous post I talked about having Martin Hillary come to shoot my wedding. We agreed that I'd build my own album from the images that he took that day. He took some great images so I had an excellent starting point for the album. I've now gone back to hand crafting albums in Photoshop and have been impressed with the templates available for free from OnOne Software which I would recommend to anyone. They also include webinars showing how to use them. Now I've been working hard on this for a week or two now knowing that I'll need to satisfy the toughest critic... my wife.

It was while I was doing this that I was looking at some of the reminders of the day that were around the house. A large pile of wedding cards were sat with the wishes and kind gestures of a variety of family and friends. Of course, after the wedding, these normally get put away in a keepsake box and we might get them out every now and again when we stumble across them. That's when the idea came to me of incorporating them into the album. The first spread of the album now features a background of the cards received. I took photo's of these myself specifically to include in the album. Then I scanned in a handful of the more interesting comments and presented these within the spread. I think I might offer this as a service to all my wedding album customers given the positive reaction from my wife.


(The additional images shown of the rings and the shoes were taken by Martin)