A photographer for my own wedding?

The 7th May was my big day. The day I married my girlfriend Julie. The planning was split between the two of us and my responsibility was to arrange a photographer. Obvious really although harder than it sounds. I know a number of people who I would have liked to take my pictures for the day but I also wanted to invite them as guests. I couldn't send them an invite and then say "while you're there you couldn't..." though I'm sure they would have stepped up to the challenge if I'd have asked them. Instead I decided to take a more traditional route and start searching in the internet like any normal couple would have. Using the search terms "wedding photographer pontefract" I quickly had a shortlist from which I quickly checked portfolio and price. Assuming that they both looked within "tolerable" levels a quick message was sent to each to check on availability.

Now given that I started this process at 10:30 in the evening I was pleased that by 11:00 I'd provisionally booked Martin Hillary as the photographer for the event. Why? Well firstly you have to be impressed at how quickly he came back to me. Secondly just with a few brief email exchanges it became very clear that Martin was prepared to be flexible about the packages he offered to deliver to me the product I was looking for. In this day and age I think the service offered by a wedding photographer and the way they work with the couple to get results is probably the thing that distinguishes them from their competition.

And the resulting images... they were exactly what I was looking for and consistent with everything he'd shown on his site.