An Introduction


So this is where I start, my name's Vic and Cool Grey Photography is my photography business. This is me, and this is also an example of my work - a self portrait I took in India although I guess the location is irrelevant. I started with photography more years ago than I care to remember and a few years ago I picked up a City & Guilds which I did just for the fun of it. Since those days digital has come along and like many others photography has become so much more than camera skills. Over twenty years of working in the software industry makes the perfect compliment to those camera skills developed in the days of film.

This is now my starting point and I plan to use this blog to share ideas and progress. I'm planning to post just a couple of times a month and along with this objective, I also plan to put together a panel for an LRPS so I'll share that experience too. One of the other topics is likely to be the building of the website. Still a long way to go and I really want to stylise but for now, what it really lacks is content. As much as I want to try and make the site pretty, I must for now focus on content. Why don't you subscribe to my blog and follow along?