About Me


As I grow older I find that I look back on an increasing number of memories. Moments of my life that got me to where I am today, the milestones I passed and the people I met along the way. While many of these moments are lost in time, some still linger in our memories and our hearts. A photograph however can keep memories alive for us and our children.

Freezing time can change the perspective for the viewer. Developing the skills to convey a meaning in a photo and allow others to see what I see is the most important skill for a photographer in my opinion. This is the think I practice most in my photography.

While I gain so much from my photography, the opportunity to photograph people is the thing that continually excites me. The reaction you get when somebody sees that moment you caught on camera means that you've given a new treasure.

I am a software designer and freelance photographer based out of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. The work to life balance is important to me which does limit the number of paid assignments I am able to take on. While happy to take on work directly I can also be found working with other studios such as Catherine Walsh Photography, Martin Hillary Photography and Stancliffe Studios. Many of the images on this site were taken on assignment and on behalf of these photographers.

In 1999 I attained a City & Guilds in Photography (with distinctions) and I am now exhibiting images worldwide as I work towards attaining an AFIAP (Artiste of the International Federation of Photographic Art). I also carry full insurance which includes liability if required.